RadCoder™ is a cloud-based application specifically created to support coding of the complex area of interventional radiology.

Using the simple point-and-click drawings-based interface, you simply plot out the procedures as they were dictated in the physician’s report, and RadCoder automatically generates the resulting codes – in realtime.

Single-page workspace

RadCoder ‘s user interface is hosted in a single web page, where drawings and controls are available for input, and resulting codes are updated in realtime as you enter new procedures and parameters.

Cloud-based for your convenience

RadCoder is hosted in the cloud and combines zero-cost maintenance with unprecedented ease-of-use.

Just log on to the RadCoder application site and you are ready to code your cases. We update the software regularly and you automatically benefit from those updates without having to re-install any software.

Coding can’t be much easier

With a simple and straight-forward user experience, RadCoder is context-sensitive and only makes options available for selection which are applicable in each particular area and situation.

For instance, an access is required before any other procedures can be entered, so before an access site has been marked, no other options are available for input; and imaging options are tailored to the current territory where the mouse is clicked, and only imaging of those areas within reach from the current location are available.

There’s a drawing for every detail

Equipped with a large number of detailed vascular system drawings, with hundreds of vessels, there is always an option for you to enter your most demanding, fine-grained procedures in the best possible way.


Dynamic drawings – for all anatomy variations

Every human is different, and it is impossible to depict one single vascular system to represent all humans.

This is why RadCoder’s drawings are dynamic and allow you to alter the drawings, simply by selecting from a wide range of predefined anatomical variations and bypass grafts.

If your case has a unique variation, not represented by any of the pre-defined variations, a built-in drawing tool lets you add anatomy variations directly in the drawings!

No data stored!

Being a true service in the cloud, RadCoder does not store any of your data in the cloud, so you won’t have any of the privacy concerns that you normally would have around patient information.

Still need reports? Don’t worry!

RadCoder has a built-in feature for saving and printing case documentation. This includes codes and other input that you made along the way, together with the drawings and the entered procedures.

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