How do I install RadCoder™?

RadCoder™ is a cloud-based application and does not require any installation or administration. The only information you need to run it is the web address for the application and your login credentials.

Which browsers are supported?

RadCoder™ works with the most recent versions of these browsers:

  • IE 11
  • Safari
  • Chrome

Please note that RadCoder™ does currently not work with Firefox.

How often is RadCoder™ updated?

RadCoder™ is updated regularly with defect fixes and enhancements, as they are addressed by the development team.

In addition, we follow a quarterly update cycle to incorporate new and changed coding rules and codes.

Updates happen automatically and are available the next time you log in.

Which procedures are supported?

All  commonly performed interventional radiology procedures are supported.

How do I subscribe to RadCoder™?

You can start your subscription here.

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