About RadCoder

RadCoder™ is a cloud-based modern solution for coding of interventional radiology procedures. It combines unprecedented ease-of-use with a powerful coding engine with an extensive set of coding rules for all common interventional radiology procedures.

Featuring a single-screen drawings-based workspace, coders plot out the procedures right in the anatomical drawings. There’s a large number of built-in drawings for different anatomical and vascular areas.

RadCoder generates the procedure codes in real-time as procedures are plotted out in the drawings.

RadCoder 2024 is here!

Jan 28, 2024

We have been working hard to improve RadCoder™, and this new version brings a number of enhanced features.

Most notably, we have improved the overall user experience and made the workspace layout more efficient, as well as improved the look and feel of controls and widgets in the user interface.

The underlying coding rules have been updated with the latest coding conventions and rules. As always, we strive to support the latest interpretations of coding rules working together with our group of coding experts.

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